Lib Dems hold Berrylands as voters keep faith in ruling party

Leader of the council Derek Osbourne, Sushila Abraham, councillor Bob Steed, and Matthew Abraham

Leader of the council Derek Osbourne, Sushila Abraham, councillor Bob Steed, and Matthew Abraham

by Jon Sharman , Senior reporter - Surbiton + Chessington - 020 8722 6313 Updated on in News

The Liberal Democrats held Berrylands last night as voters opted to keep faith in the borough's ruling party.

Victorious candidate Sushila Abraham won by 187 votes.

She said: "The campaign was fantastic and the response we had from the residents was fantastic.

"I'm absolutely excited about the whole thing, that the Berrylands people have faith in us. I think they trusted in me to do the job."

Conservative candidate Mike Head said: "It's a big disappointment to be honest. I think UKIP have had a much bigger share than normal which might be something we need to take into account.

"I'm hoping to fight this ward next time around. I would like to stand again because it's my passionate patch."

Labour's Tony Banks said: "I'm pleased in a way in that we have doubled our share of the vote and we can't quibble with that in a ward really where historically we have done nothing."

The by-election was triggered by the death of sitting Liberal Democrat councillor Frances Moseley.

The make-up of Kingston Council is unchanged by the result with 26 Liberal Democrats allowing them to run the council, 21 Conservatives and one independent - Tim Dennen - who left the Liberal Democrats in April last year after coming under investigation for alleged benefit fraud.

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Berrylands 2013 by-election results

Sushila Abraham Lib Dem 948

Mike Head Conservative 761

Tony Banks Lab 455 

Michael Watson UKIP 175

Ryan Coley Green 112

Turnout 34.46 percent

To see the results from 2010 click here 

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7:01am Fri 1 Mar 13 SurbitonResident says…

The Tories were stupid. They put up as their agent the guy that was the lobbyist for the Filter Beds. I know plenty of residents who didn't bother to vote because of this.

  • Score: 0

8:37am Fri 1 Mar 13 SidJames555 says…

A story on the Surrey Comet without from Alex_Surbiton and Beverley RA? Something must be up...

  • Score: 0

10:23am Fri 1 Mar 13 UKIP Surbiton says…

Congratulations to Mrs Abraham . Thanks to all that voted UKIP . I am surprised the Tories had their campaign managed by the same person that acted for the Developers on the Surbiton Filter beds . The Tory campaign had '' protect green spaces'' as part of its agenda . I don't see Hydro properties or CNM estates doing either in Surbiton .

  • Score: 0

12:56pm Fri 1 Mar 13 Prince Philip of Greece says…

How sad to think that Berrylands has 175 fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists who would vote for UKIP.

  • Score: 0

2:13pm Fri 1 Mar 13 AlexKingston says…

Bless you Sid, anyone would think you care about little old me. Congratulations are due to my new local ward councillor though! I'm sure she'll do an excellent job of occupying the position. I shouldn't be too downbeat, there are I am sure, a great many worser councillors in Kingston to have represent me.

  • Score: 0

4:06pm Fri 1 Mar 13 Agamemnon & Cassandra says…

I think it is to the credit of all the parties that didn't win, that they have accepted their defeat in good spirit. The Lib Dems played a blinder and worked their hearts out, they deserved to win. They also got Eastleigh as well, on the same day. The UKIP blip was a protest vote, but don't write them off just yet!

  • Score: 0

10:41pm Fri 1 Mar 13 RMcGeddon says…

More than 2,000 years ago, the historian Herodotus said, “All arrogance will reap a harvest rich in tears. God calls men to a heavy reckoning for over-weaning pride.”

  • Score: 1
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